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At a Glance

DigitalPersona Pro is a centrally-managed fingerprint identity solution for businesses needing stronger IT security and compliance controls users rapidly embrace. Fingerprints, which are never forgotten or lost, link users to specific actions that allow the business to know FOR SURE who is accessing what, where and when. This unique combination of accountability with simplicity improves information security and IT compliance while paying for itself with increased business efficiencies and user productivity.

Compliance with Certainty—Know FOR SURE
Satisfy identity compliance requirements continuously a s auditors move towards increasedtransparency and audit granularity.

Security with Simplicity—for Users & IT
Help users do their jobs more easily while increasing protection against system misuse, fraud, social engineering, malware, and hackers.

Efficiency with Manageability—Automation with Fast ROI
Pay for investment in Pro by decreasing helpdesk calls, IT burden, and compliance costs while increasing worker productivity and IT utilization of fingerprint-enabled notebooks.

Fingerprint Identity Solution for Today and Tomorrow

DigitalPersona Pro takes a platform approach to give you solutions auditors and best practices require today and tomorrow including:
• Strong Passwords: Use strong passwords and centrally manage them without the IT burden typical of end-user managed environments.
• Secure Communications: Digitally sign and encrypt your instant messages, email and Office documents for workflow protection without compromised user productivity.
• Multi-Factor Authentication: Irrefutably link individuals to strong logons, without the provisioning and management hassles of tokens or smart cards.
• Transaction Proof-of-Presence: extend security by confirming identity in recurring transactions, such as trades or authorizations, for continuous compliance and fraud reduction.

         DigitalPersona Pro Key Features:

  • The Digital Persona Identity Engine — experience the fastest, most accurate fingerprint identity verification algorithms available, the cornerstone of DigitalPersona architecture.
  • Active Directory® Integration — centrally manage user credentials and use of Group Policy Object (GPO), failover, scalability, and roaming capabilities.
  • Incremental Deployment — add users as needed and applications without modifying them. Strengthen policies flexibly over time by applying different controls to various users and applications.
  • Extensible — add support for custom applications and devices using Pro SDK.
  • Terminal Services Remote Access — secure access to published applications using Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix.
  • Scalability — add up to 100,000 users per network and 3,000 users per processor in the Pro Server.
  • Granular Audit Data — easily integrate user authentication event logs into monitoring and reporting tools.

         Pro Components:

  • Pro Server centrally manages user authentication credentials for easy user roaming.
  • Pro Workstation is installed on desktops and laptops for individual authentication using credentials stored locally or on the server as needed.
  • Pro Kiosk is designed for secure use of shared accounts to enable fast switching among workers in hospitals, retail stores or factories.
  • Pro SDK extends Pro solutions to back-office applications and front office systems.
  • DigitalPersona Privacy Manager is an optional application enabling digital signing and encryption of instant messaging, email, and Office documents for secure communications and workflow.

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